Friday, October 1, 2010

"DiGi iPhone 4 Life"

I want the iPhone 4.....pleaseeeee !     
NO... I can't be begging here.....   so bring me the Challenger ! I am ready to fight for the iPhone 4 !    My hands are closed tightly with fingers bent against the palm...looking for the next opponent.

This is the last task that we are supposed to complete in order to win the iPhone 4.

Task 1 : DiGi iPhone 4 Me
Task 2 : DiGi iPhone 4 Play
Task 3 : DiGi iPhone 4 Real
Task 4 : DiGi iPhone 4 Life

According to arithmetic formula and calculation from Task 1 to Task 4 which is similar to the 4 Apples, 1 Goat, a Date and DiGi..... this task is actually equivalent to :

"DiGi iPhone 4 Me to Play in Real Life"

I would like to give a big hand and thank Nuffnang for organizing such a head-cracking, tongue-biting competition.  Indeed
iPhone 4 is a great phone where everyone would like to have it... for FREE of course  !

And with DiGi as the network provider, from the picture above, you can see that their network is spreading and drastically improving now... from urban area; towns to cities and zooming in into villages and hamlets at rural settlement... opps there is a Tugu Negara in the picture; everyone is hurt ... what is their message ?

Last but not least..... Ronnie Rules !

DiGi - Always the Smarter Choice ! 

Get the best deal usual DIGI...
Determined I'm Getting IPhone4 from Nuffnang sponsored by DiGi !.

** No offense to all my dear loyal readers... everything posted in related on DiGi iPhone 4 is just a matter of competition purpose and not to degrade, hurt or impact on anyone or everyone, no animals were harmed and no peeping were made.

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ErikaToh said...

Nice! Gambateh, Ronnie! xD

k~^|n said...

good luck =)

Kian Fai said...


Yvonne said...

Good luck!

Celeste xiao fang said...

Good luck yea, Hehe! =D

Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

lols the first pic so cute, haha =] Hope you can get it.

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