Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Digi iPhone 4 Real"

An iPhone would not be complete without any data plans. It is too much hassle and head-cracking to go booth to booth searching for the correct package for those plans.

Digi-Maxis iPhone4 Plans
Comparison Chart

Nowadays, competition between the two giant telcos, Digi and Maxis gives us the ultimate choice on who we will lastly choose. We are eventually the winner who is going to gain benefit from the price war. It is now our turn to decide on which plan is better and attractive, Digi or Maxis… use your brain and you won’t get it wrong.

I would recommend you getting the Digi iPhone 4 Plans… a plan you should never missed.

iDiGi Postpaid Plans

On Digi, the monthly fees were cut down from RM 88 to only RM 58 (auto billing), a saving of RM 30. We may think that this is a small amount, but when it comes to monthly for 24 months, the amount booms to RM 720, and that is indeed a huge amount that we are able to save for rainy days.

Addition to that, we can get unlimited free calls, SMS and MMS between Supplementary Lines (up to 6 lines), a package that is indeed useful for loving couples, distant relations, or family members as it will strengthen the relationship by just calling to say Hi… or maybe I Love You !

The greatest thing on Digi plans (iGet No Bill Shock) is that there will be no extra internet charges after the monthly quota within Malaysia… believe that ! NO EXTRA CHARGES ! I am very sure that everyone of us will exceed the monthly quota, thus there is no hassle of searching for free wifi anymore. Owning an iPhone4 with Digi network, there is no need for us to carry a huge laptop (scared of being stolen if misplaced in car), for us to check our emails, blogs or to keep us connected with our love ones. We can surf all day long, anytime and anywhere… you name it, we get it ! That is a wonder of Digi plans.

And best of all, I have just ventured out, and on moneywise, it is indeed tight. Petrol price up, sugar price up, electricity and water price up... Up up and up.....And thanks to Digi Plan, with Zero Monthly Fees, the installment paid to banks for 24 months is quite similar if we are buying it for cash directly. This promotion is especially good for fresh graduates who are just started work or hunting for job.

So.... what are you waiting for ! Rush down to the nearest Digi Store near you.  The best plans that suits all; Malaysia's most affordable iPhone 4 plan is now even more affordable !


Get the best deal from.....as usual DIGI...
Do Imagine Getting Iphone...

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want i phone 4!!!!!!

Philip Khor said...

iDon't HaveA Phone, uNfortunately. No iWant iGet.

Jamie Wong said...

ronnie, the last part is well written! Do Imagine Getting Iphone... haha. Hope you'll get it.

TOLANIC said...

I prefer DiGi more than Maxis. =)

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