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Lion Dance....there's not only one !

According to ancient legends, the Lion is one of the Guardians of the city gate; an auspicious being that protects the people from evil forces.

Lion Dance is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture; operated by two crazy people with covered face in which they will mimic a lion's movements in a lion costume.

Basically, the notable differences between lion and dragon dance is, lion dance performers' faces are covered, since they are inside the lion whereas dragon dance performers can be seen and dragon held by poles.

There are lot of types of Lion Dance features depending on countires ….

Korean Lion view me

The head of the lion consists of a flat, round, grotesque-looking mask with bells hanging from it.

It is performed during the lunar new year celebration to scare away evil spirits and beckon good luck.

Japanese Lion view me

The head of the lion consists of a wooden, lacquered head and a characteristic body of green dyed cloth with white design.

It is performed during religious Shinto festival  and also new year celebration.

Taiwanese Lion view me

The head of the lion is very colourful, with large eyes, a mirror on their forehead and horns.

It is integrated with martial arts.

Indonesian Lion view me

Only performed by one dancer, wearing a large and heavy lion mask ( about 50kg ) with a large peacock feather fan on top of the mask.  It is a traditional art dance combined with magical show or a trance dance.

Northern Lion view me

Appears in pairs usually in shaggy orange and yellow hair with golden head; a male lion with a red bow and a female a green bow on its head.

Southern Lion

The head of the lion have varieties of colour and has a distinctive head with large eyes, a mirror on the forehead, and a single horn at center or the head. Performed as a ceremony to exorcise evil spirits and to summon luck and fortune.  Basically there are three types of lions :
 Golden lion - representing liveliness
 Red  lion     - representing courage
 Green lion   - representing friendship

Three other famous lion represents the historic characters in China that were recorded in the classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms :

Liu Bei (Auspicious Lion) - yellow based face with white beard and fur with multi coloured tail.  There are three coins on the collar. This lion is used by schools with an established "Sifu" or organization.

Guan Gong (Awakened Lion) - red based face, black bristles, with a long black beard.  Tail is red and black with white trim and white underside.  There are two coins on the collar. This is the lion which is generally used by most.

Zhang Fei (Fighting Lion) - black face with short black beard, small ears, and black bristles. Tail is black and white with white trim and white underside.   There is a single coin on the collar and bells are attached to the body.  This lion is used by clubs that were just starting out or by those wishing to make a challenge.

Zhao Yun (Herioc Lion) - green face with white beard and fur and an iron horn with a green tail.  It is named Heroic Lion because it is said that he rode through Cao Cao's million man army and rescuid Liu Bei's infant and fought his way back out.

Huang Zhong (Righteous Lion) - yellow face with white beard and yellow body.

Ma Chao (Funeral Lion) - white colour lion because he wore a white arm band to battle against the Emperor of Wei, Cao Cao, to signify the mourning for this father and brother who had been murdered.  This lion is never used except for a funeral (usually burned right after) for the Sifu or some important head of the group. 

Malaysian Lion

Trully Malaysian...made and produced in Malaysia.

Face with lots of dimples all around, with two decayed front milk teeth.  Young but dangerous....he's fierce and fit to be the Little King of the Jungle.

We call him... Ryan the Lion !

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Hilda Milda™ said...

the lions from japanese, korea and indon look so scary! :O

but yr ryan the lion looks so cute :D

jalanjatuh said...

the last one cute la..

Chuen said...

lol..malaysian lion so cute xD

karmun said...

i like RYAN!! hahaha, so cute..ronnie,u sure can bring ur kids go aussie one day =]..wish your dream come true =]

k~^|n said...

ryan..haha ur son looks cute.

TOLANIC said...

I can see a Kodomo Lion!

Victoria Dixon said...

Bummer. I can't see all the pictures for some reason. :( Thanks for the info, though. This was fascinating. I knew about the lion dances, but didn't realize there were so many varieties or that some were based off of ROTK.

Casendra said...

Didn't know there is korean lion =='

Salty Bodice Ripper said...

haha, nice article

RJ said...

woah, that's interesting information!


Kian Fai said...

lol good post Ronnie, especially on Ryan =P

Celeste xiao fang said...

Your Ryan the Lion is so cute ! =D *pinch*

Ted said...

korean lion very ugly leh! hahahhaa

Jamie Wong said...

what the.. lol. i was laughin so badly at the malaysian lion. goob job!

Bite Bite said...

korean? indonesia? didnt know they have a lion ~ interesting ~ i still prefer the northern and southern lion :)

Zyash said...

Maaysian lion so cute..i like it

anas arrosyid hanafi said...

ndonesa punya banyak "Lion Dance"
-reog ponorogo, lakon: singo barong, dengan tokoh pendukung seperti warok, jathilan dengan kuda kepangnya, bujang ganong dengan akrobatiknya, serta raja kelana sewandana... topeng singo barong tradisional di tarikan oleh 2 orang
-barong bali, lakon: barong, dengan tooh pendukung seperti rangda, monyet, penari keris, pendet dll
-barong blora, berakar dan cerita dari seni reyog, namun di topeng mulut bia terbuka tnpa menggunakan dadak merak,
-dan setelah banyak isu klaim budaya oleh malaysia, banyak seni dengan lakon singa bermunculan di daerah jawa, madura

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