Monday, September 27, 2010

"DiGi iPhone 4 Play"

There are so many applications from iTunes App Store... a daily necessity for many of us.  In years to come, iPhone would become not just a NEED but a REQUIREMENT for all of us to progress further !

The application that comes with an  iPhone are just the beginning, browse the App Store to find hundreds and thousands more... so many to choose for and so many to explore; there is almost no limit to what iPhone can do for us.

As for my favourite, I would choose Talking Animal, Tom Cat and friends in iTunesApp Store under Entertainment.

Ryan and Vyan enjoy Talking Tom so much that they forgot
that their favourite cartoon, Tom and Jerry is showing

The reasons I choose this as my favourite because it is not only my favourite, but actually my whole family's favourite.  It makes me feel so wonderful to see the expression in my kids... full of joy and happiness, which builds a closer and loving relationship with them by just playing a simple yet enjoyable Talking Tom Cat.
Talk to Tom and he will repeat everything you say with a funny voice.  You can pet his body or head to make him purr.  Poke his head, belly or feet and he will be annoyed, and poking harder will make him knock out for a while.   He would love you to pour a glass of milk for him and when you forget about him, he will yawn or sneeze.  The latest feature on Tom is that he is able to FART and even SCRATCH your screen.... beware on that !

The Chronicles of Tom Cat

We don't just like Talking Tom, but we love him ! This Cat is crazy.. he can even repeat to an Indian's accent !! Hilarious and indeed the creativity makes us laugh non stop.

Thus, this Cat is one of the best applications that I have ever come across in iPhone. This cat is awesome and its a "purrfect" application ever !

We are not the only ones who love this application... there are over 100 thousand people who like it and this is still excluding 4 of us here.  There might be millions more still haven't add Talking Tom in their facebook

18SX : Not suitable for those under 18


He is able to sing Happy Birthday to You too...

And below are some of the applications from iTunes App Store which are my favourites too....

When mum needing new recipes, I would just click on the application for cooks... saving the hassle to shop or look for new recipe book.

When dad asked me what is the latest happening in the world...there you go Dad, the application for current keeps us up to date news which a single touch.

When I am not able to follow up with my mates during jungle trekking and getting lost in the middle of the jungle, no worries, the application for great outdoors help us return safely without the hassle of asking a search team for help.  Of course there is no Tarzan to help you out but iPhone !

When I am lack of ideas, motivation and notes to compose my latest hits, I would clearly touch on the  application for musito give me the confidence in continuing my music beats.
When my secretary is lazing around not helping me on my schedules... the application for work does help me manage my time and projects.

Once my chemist lecturer asked me to show him the periodic table of element charts... oops I forgot to bring.  He nearly scolds me, and thanks to the help of my iPhone, there you go Mr. Professor, my chart is always with me all the while ! Application for student is indeed a great help when needed.

Being new in my condominium, I have ZERO knowledge on a gym.  Trying out with the neighbours really bothers me especially when they looked down on me saying I am a mountain tortoise ! After going through the Men's Health Workout in the Application for Working Out... I feel at ease and my neighbours are learning everything from me now !

Being away from the PC means I could not monitor my foreign exchange. I might be making millions or losing millions without any information at my fingertips.  The market is up and down every minutes and down to every seconds... with E*trade Mobile Pro in the Application for Managing Money , I am not afraid of going anywhere; accompany my wife do the groceries is no more an excuse of not going out.

Travelling abroad need lots of maps and lots of information to bring around.  With the Application for Travelling, I am a lot lighter thus able to bring more goodies and souvenirs for my kids and friends.

These are a few of my favourites...thinking of getting one too right !
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chris federick said...

wow cool, so many functions!

yee said...

wow..lovely family and nice post..
a good one!!

SonnyKazu said...

nice post.. pls visit my iphone 4 post too ya! good luck! :D

joegrimjow said...

like it

Jan said...

All the best!

Hilda Milda™ said...

try larry the bird too, damn funny :p

Allison said...

apple apps had got to be the best la.. haha :) said...

I also waaaaaant!

TOLANIC said...

I also want iPhone4 please! =)

melmonica said...

Hi Ronnie, nicely written. Although I'm a loyal Samsung fan (been using ONLY Samsung handphone for 5 years already) you written in such a way that iPhone is a must get gadget haha.

Anyway, I just changed my handphone 2 months ago. Impossible for me to convert myself to the Apple cult.

See you in Innit! Cheerios~

PS: Finally see your kids jor!! :D

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