Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eid Mubarak / Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim friends !!

WTaking this opportunity to wish all my muslim readers,
To the non-Muslim, enjoy your holidays... take time to visit your muslim friends.

Desire will be going to Cameron Highland and Genting Highland for the holidays....

Wishing my readers Eid Mubarak and especially to my innit friends..... Tolanic, Japeeda Pagoda, Tehtarikmemoirs, Cicadasx, Sandra Aswan, Mazsleen, Ili2604, Zyash

Drive carefully and stay alert on the road !!

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Ilidina.. said...

auwwww...thank you!have fun in Cameron and Genting!

k~^|n said...

Though i'm not celebrating, still i wanna wish those who are celebrating Happy Raya.. :)

Salty Bodice Ripper said...

Yo man, why Genting la? CNY also Genting, raya also genting, diwali also Genting. Hahaha

Calvin Ong said...

holidays are coming! :) nanged and visited!

Cicadasx said...

Wow im flattered haha thanks soo much.
Have a safe trip n enjoy ur holiday.
But yeah I agree with Salty.

Zyash said...

Ape lagi...cepat la drive to melaka (bukit rambai)...hehe, i belanje mkn free....kuih rayer je eh...ok la 2..

goingkookies said...

Hi there!!

Visiting back! =)

Have a fun time in Camerons! I just got back from there..

beLLa said...

tq uncle hang ten!
sorry 4 d late check diz post.
but omg, coz of dat i can't pesan 'buah tangan' from genting+cameron T.T

Ronnie said...

Thanks for commenting and visiting yet another of my post.... hope you like them and will visit my blog often.

beLLa -- No problem... check late is better than never checking at all. Thanks. Nasib baik you did not pesan for "buah tangan"; my strawberries all moldy.

goingkookies -- Yes... I think I read your post before going there.

Zyash -- Wah Kak Zyash... only kuih raya ke ?.. How about Rendang, Ayam Masak Merah ?

Cicadasx, Salty Bodice Ripper -- During CNY I did not go Genting but Hong Kong. If I go Genting on CNY sure kena marah from parents. Indeed a safe trip up and down and around the mountains...

Calvin Ong -- Enjoy the holidays too..

k~^ln -- Ya... 1Malaysia mah...

Ilidina -- Thanks.. will try to enjoy the fullest.

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