Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Precious Artpiece - Seven Dwarf ( Sleepy )

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall; who is the fairest of us all ?

I have introduced my first art piece,

Just to inform my faithful readers that this artpiece is not sewn or stitch, and I did all of them myself.  These art pieces are more than 10 years already.

I am introducing the next Dwarf... something that most people love doing....sleeping !

Introducing the second dwarf.... 

Seven Dwarf - Sleepy

2. Sleepy

Sleepy is always tired and appears laconic in most situations, anytime and anywhere, but none of the other dwarfs ever complains.  Sleepy works as hard as the others in their diamond mine in a more relaxed way that he yawns so widely but Sleepy turns out to be twice as observant as his fellows when it most matters.

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