Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm RACIST ....Just for the BLACKS !!

All of you must be wondering, is Ronnie crazy ?  Suddenly he is racist and wants to be a black !

Yesterday afternoon, my plan was to wax and polish my whole car.

Unfortunately, I did not finish it due to a few reasons.

The main reason is, got one nuffnagger was nagging away.... wondering why Ronnie did not chat or answer.  And all because of that, I spilled some polish on the floor and my poor hand becomes  black !   Ohh... not because of my black hand I am racist ya !!

This is the end result after waxing and polishing. Time damage : 1 1/2 hour ( 3/4 complete )

The second reason is that I wanted to rob a bank, but the bank closes earlier than expected..hehe brother TehTarik.....   it is Friday, so the closing time is different.  Anyway, thanks for your help !

Why am I RACIST !!!

It is because I cater just for the Blacks......

Turtle Wax - Black Box....
just for the blacks.... that is why I am RACIST !

It comes with 2 steps :-
Step 1 : Pre-Wax Cleaner
Step 2 : Black Carnauba Blend Wax

Can be done in 2 - 3 hours (2 person).
Tried and highly recommended. 


Vin Tsen Gan said...

Waa really racist ah, careful kena ISA. XD

♥\.C..H..L.O..E. said...

lololol... ur hand sure very hard to wash after that!! =DD xD

ken said...

what about leather shoe polish? =)

Everlyn said...

Owh..Im with a black guy am i racist? =P

chris federick said...

lol... shiny +_+

Ronnie said...

chris federick -- can i be your mirror..hehe !!

Everlyn -- no lar..u got choices mah, but this Turtle Black Box is just for the blacks, it can't be used on other colour car

ken -- first time i see such a product specialized for black car, i don't think able to find other colours like just for brown, unlike shoe polish...we are able to find other colours

Chloe -- ya ya... hands are so dirty, especially the inner part of finger nails..yucks !!

Vin Tsen Gan -- shhh... don't say so loud ya !

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