Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jaguar, Leopard and Cheetah - their funny behaviours

Thanks for all your comments and compliments in my previous post titled Big Cats - A Jaguar, a Cheetah or a Leopard !! especially from bloggers like Erika, spawnskies and  M-Knight.  Indeed I really hope that these infos could help any of you...just in case someone ask you regarding on it.

Previously I have discussed on the geographical distribution and physical apperances of Leopard, Jaguar and Cheetah....but how about their Hunting and Feeding Behaviours.

Leopards are the cleverest among the three big cats.
They kill their prey by a suffocating bite.



It is the only big cat known to carry its prey up into a tree; which sometimes up to 3 times their own weight where it will be safe from competing predators such as hyenas or lions; or often hide their kills in dense vegetation.


Jaguar is the strongest among the three big cats, with a much broader forehead and wider jaw.


They kill their prey by crushing the spinal column. Jaguar has the strongest bite-force of any member of CAT family – even stronger than lions and tiger.


Cheetah’s body is thin and lanky. They are the only cats without fully retractable claws which enables them to have a better traction in running. All these features enable a cheetah to be the fastest land animal ( 112 – 120 km/h); but they can only maintain high speed for a short period of time.


They kill their prey by tripping it during the chase, then biting it on the underside of throat to suffocate it. They are not strong enough to break but can only puncture a vital artery in the necks of the four-legged prey it mainly hunt.

Upon catching the prey, a cheetah must rest for a while before eating (due to the high speed running to replenish oxygen to the brain); thus they find it difficult to keep it’s prey to be taken by hyenas or lions; whereby can just simply walk and take it’s prey without any resistance at all from the cheetah.

Anyway, I just found out that the fastest land animal is not CHEETAH....
                                                                 see for yourself! you'll be amazed!



the three big cats look alike!

Merrinette said...


Tcr Ain said...

I prefer persian cat... ngeeeheeee...

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Wow..very educational. I cant differentiate any cats at all except tiger, lion and black panther.

BTW..nice video. HAHAHA

jfook said...

I'm reading National Geographic. LMAO.

Hilda Milda™ said...

very informative! I like :D

TOLANIC said...

I want to keep one at home!

velasrizal said...

hahaha hanging their food on tree.. so smart...

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Ronnie said...

Thanks for visiting yet another of my post.... hope you like them and will visit my blog often.

velasrizal -- ya...indeed Leopard is very smart and dangerous. Among the 3 cats, they can be found in Malaysia's be careful when you are at Taman Negara.

Tolanic -- how is wish I can help you on this part...but those animals are protected species...same as u..hehe

Hilda Milda, jfook, MsXeRoZ Nicole -- hope these little info can help you in future...

Tcr Ain -- Persian Cats are nice too...but not for me

Merrinette -- Hope they can "meow..meow"..but they can't. BTW, Cheetah cannot ROAR...they can only PURR !

IHSAN KHAIRIR -- you should visit my previous post on their spots, then you will be able to identify one by one in future...

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