Monday, August 9, 2010

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca

This is my favourite restaurant, Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.

Dropped by one of their branch in Malacca last Saturday.  As usual, the outlet is packed with food lovers waiting patiently for their food to come.

There are more than 200 types of cuisines to choose from.... flipping the colourful menu sometimes makes you think... what should I eat this time round.

942  Original Ice Milk Tea ( RM 4.60 )

I ended up with my Original Ice Milk Tea, and also tried something new for me, Rice in Superior Soup with mussel.

703   Rice in Superior soup with mussel ( RM 9.80 )
854  French Toast ( RM 4.50 )

French Toast is a must for me.  It is a thick toast with peanut butter spread in the centre, served with a small sliced square of butter and drips of honey

910  Ice Blended Sour Plum ( RM 4.90 )

My wife took Ice Blended Sour Plum, which is really refreshing and also Hong Kong Dried Noodle which was the last dish to reach our table; did not manage to snap a photo of it.... *giggles....we're too hungry !

Dont't be surprise by the serving size and time. The serving was HUGE and they took less than 8 mins to serve everything to my table!

DAMAGE :     RM 32.75  (to say expensive, it is not that; and to say cheap; it is not that cheap too)

I nearly open this restaurant in Muar, however due to some problems on the tenancy agreement, my plans are temporary put on hold.... I am quite close with their Directors.

By the way, the ambassador for Wong Kok Char Chan Teng is
Roger Kwok Chun On ( 郭晋安) .... a famous Hong Kong actor... if you can remember, he acted as "Ah Wong"; in Life Made Simple (阿旺新傳).   He came as an ambassador three years ago (Oct. 2007) to visit some of the outlets.  

Just got some information that Kwok Chun On will be coming again to visit some of the outlets this September.  Dates are still pending due to no available space of the selected mall's Concourse Stage.

Remember to apply for their membership card.  It is worth it because only RM 10.00 for the 10% discount for the next visit and other benefits.

There will be a few more new outlets opening this year.....

1. Lakeside Plaze Subang Jaya Branch on August 2010 (confirmed).

2. Sungei Wang Plaza on September 2010 (maybe).

" To Taste Hong Kong, Taste in Wong Kok "


eminey626 said...

LOL! promoting wong kok restaurant XDDD i like to eat french toast too!!!!

Doris Lai said...

wow...long time not going to Wong kok Restaurant.. Most of the time I will order pork cheese baked rice... with red source.. YUMMY...

Nana Eddy said...

if only it's halal, then I would've visit.. *sigh

Hilda Milda™ said...

I've always love the original milk tea as well (: btw, your kid looks so cute with the haircut.

Ronnie said...

Thanks for commenting and visiting yet another of my post.... hope you like them and will visit my blog often.

Hilda Milda -- Thanks... my kid look just like me *ahem !

Nana Eddy -- There is ONLY ONE outlet that is PORK FREE (same as Station One/Sushi Kin)... the outlet is at Jusco Taman Equine Branch. The rest is NON-HALAL.

Doris Lai -- Visit them...they do have lots of varieties !

eminey626 -- It is my dream of opening one, but due to a bit of hiccups on the tenancy side. Indeed the french toast is so delicious !

♥\.C..H..L.O..E. said...

ronnieeeeeeee.... didnt know u like wong kok oso... lol xP

vialentino said...

finally they have a branch at melaka...will go when back to melaka...

nice bloggie here and nice to meet u.

Everlyn said...

Kedah tak ada ar? =(
Sumore fast serving..nice !!

v a m p i r e said...

ronnie pls dont kill me

but to me among all hong kong style cafe i hate Wong Kok most

the food is pretty lousy to me

the only thing i like about Wong Kok is that we get the GIANT size milk tea during birthday hahaha

but this is my personal point of view , no offends

i prefer Chatterbox

v a m p i r e said...

btw the boy in the photo is really cute lol :)

Ronnie said...

vampire -- thanks for the compliment on my son. I am not offended, different people have different taste... indeed the GIANT size milk tea do attract a lot of attention.

Everlyn -- Wong Kok still haven't open any branch there...but if there are franchisee who is interested, they are able to negotiate however location need to be strategic.

vialentino -- nice meeting you too and thanks for visiting. Anyway, the outlet in Malacca opened since 2007. Do visit them there...

Chloe -- we share the same taste ...*giggles !

v a m p i r e said...

thanks that is very nice of you

haha To be honest sometimes i hesitate when i wanna leave comment not only your page but other writers because afraid that might offend them if i go against what they write

yea the Giant milk tea rocks lol

well i guess you're right different ppl different taste

'one man's meat is another man's poison '

have a good day will be back for more of your updates

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