Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Malacca - 30 January

Went to Malacca again for CNY shopping.  Do not have any shopping list...so look and buy.  Only Ryan brings his shopping list along, which is two ultraman book.
Nothing much on decorations at Mahkota Parade, Dataran Pahlawan or Tesco.  At last, my idea of Mahkota Parade connecting to Dataran Pahlawan is coming to be true..but the link is just half way... and must walk on the ground, not tunnel.  Haiz !
They are building a covered walkpath from the main entrance of Mahkota Parade to the main road (Jalan Merdeka).  Anyway, better than nothing at all.

We did not buy much stuff because most of the CNY goodies are not centralized.  Prices of drinks are so so only, price of Groundnuts (Hand Brand) is cheap, only RM 1.08 per pack, but last year also cannot finish...so only 4 packets this year.

On CNY shirts for Ryan and Vyan... sorry boy, the trousers are too short; Vyan got her Qipao. 

And.. at usual Ryan got his ULTRAMAN.
Found Ultraman Gaia EX at Tesco.  This trip, he bought 2 Ultraman Books, 1 Ultraman VCD, 1 Ultraman Key Chain, 1 Ultraman Watch, 1 Ultraman Hero Series (Gaia EX), 1 Ultraman + Monster Assembly Collection and 1 box of 8 Ultramans. WOW !!

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