Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Damansara Utama - 23 January

Again we are making a trip down.... and the main reason is that I need to attend my buddy's wedding ( hey Eugene...congrats ).

We reached 1 Utama at about noon time.  This year the decoration for Chinese New Year themed, "Celebrating Paws-Perity".  Decorations are mostly on kitty-kat.

Lunch time... we find our way to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.  Look at what drinks we ordered; milk tea ... and its a real GIANT milk tea.  Cost of it....FOC (Free Of Charge).  Believe me, a promotion for birthday celebration.  Of course the birthday  person must produce IC as proof and valid thru 3 days before or after birthday.  Whose birthday... my Mother-In-Law.

After lunch, again we walk around in search of Ultraman.  Found 3 small Ultramans (from those small cart around the mall) just before the food came.  Ryan was ecstatic and wanted to see the whereabout of the shop when we stepped out. 

As Toy'R Us are nearby, we headed there, but all the Ultraman that are available already in Ryan's collection.  Sadly, he walked out buying something that seems interesting in the TV advertisement inside the store however..... please don't buy it...its a real waste of money

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