Saturday, February 6, 2010

Batu Pahat Shopping - 6 February

You might think again if you are thinking of shopping either at Malacca or Batu Pahat.
My choice would be definitely Malacca.

Why... why and why !!!

Because I can finish FOUR (4) shopping centers of Batu Pahat in one day ( from 11 am - 7 pm ).  No fun, nothing much to buy.

We decided to go to The Summit Batu Pahat first after hearing much people saying the negative points of The Pacific Mall (Batu Pahat Mall).  Gheez, the shopping at The Summit is terrible... no interesting shops and mostly, either hair saloon, gift shop and also CD stalls.  The Giordano outlet there is terribly small.

Buying just only stuff at The Satay House and walking almost the whole mart, we decided to go to Square One and also Carrefour Batu Pahat since they are next to each other.

At least we can see more well known brands around there, but Square One is also extremely small and Carrefour is just a so so hypermart there. 

And lastly we went to Pacific Mall since the clock just showing 5.30 pm.  What is nice at Pacific Mall.... the roof parking is horrible and not organized; and most of the small shops there are still available, without tile or paint. Only part that is nice is at the Ground Floor whereby we can see Kenny Rogers, Sushi King, Old Town, Vincci etc.

So, Muarian out there.... if you plan to do shopping ; go to Malacca and not Batu Pahat.  This is my fruitful advise.

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