Friday, January 1, 2010

Singapore - 29 December ( Day 3 )

Could not go anywhere last night as I was vomitting and purging the whole day.  Mum was also down last night, and we are guessing what we have eaten that makes us like that.  Gheez !!

Morning was a lot better, thus our plan to go shopping went on.  Irene could not follow us as she started to vomit and not feeling that well. 

Went to Tampines Mall and Tampines 1 in the morning.

Tampines Mall was decorated with a soldier and a sweet ballet underneath a huge Christmas tree.  The counter is right underneath it too, just behind those two mannequin.

Brotherly love...

Tampines 1 was officially opened early-quarter of the year, so it is still a brand new mall.  Decorations are very different with the rest, as they do have the upside-down Christmas tree.  Have you ever seen one like that ?

An upside down ginger bread man too...
Look closely at the ginger bread man hair.. Cool !

 Vyan posing in front of Yamakawa Super, a specialty store that offers a wide variety of Japanese food.

Our actual plan was to go back on that evening itself, but last minute change.  We took Vyan and Ryan to Raymond's condo for a swim in the afternoon, and later to VivoCity.  I was down again....purging.
Both Ryan and Sophia fighting to snap photo with..... Simon ??   
Don't know why, but I prefer either Alvin or Theodore.

Walk out of VivoCity to look at the Harbour-Front ;  everyone is dead tired EXCEPT for Super Mom...! She is the only one willing to pose for me.  Thanks Mum !

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