Friday, January 1, 2010

Singapore - 30 December ( Day 4 ) - Ultraman Returns

In the morning, we went to Metro Expo Sale at Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 5.  Quite a big expo and things are selling real cheap.  Not all ya !!
An original crocs selling for SGD 10.00 per pair.. belief it or not !!

Actually things at Singapore are cheap compared to Malaysia.  Don't lah convert...a nice Fisher Price - Walker to Wagon is just about SGD 35 - SGD 45.

As we are going back to Malaysia in the afternoon, we went back to Irene's house to pack and get ready to go to Parkway Parade for Ryan's Ultraman.  In Singapore, Ultraman seems to be very hard to find.

As Irene have surveyed before that Parkway Parade I-Setan got Ultraman, the night before when I was down, Ryan already bought two ultramans, Ultraman King (left most) and also Ultraman Powered (second from left).  Price is about SGD 24.95 / pc. 

     We went there again before heading home, to do our final shopping and also to get more Ultramans.  What we found, Ultraman Leo (right most) and also Ultraman Eighty (second from right).  Hurray, those are all limited editions; and today, there is a discount of 20%.

     This will add into Ryan's collection.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Are you still interested in increasing your Ultraman collection? I've amassed a large collection over my younger days but are letting them go. They are all in original packaging. If you are interested, please mail me at, I can post some pics to you even if you are just asking.

Daniel Pua

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