Friday, January 1, 2010

Singapore - 28 December ( Day 2)

Our plans for day two....The Singapore's National Zoo.

Our first stop was the otter, our little princess is so afraid of it, even thought it is just a sculpture.  As we reached the zoo quite late..... we quickly make our trip to the Splash Amphitheatre as we don't want to miss the Splash Safari Show at 11 am.  The show is quite interesting especialy when the sealion splashes the water towards us.
We are hungry... time to search for food.  Dad promised us that he will treat us KFC somewhere near rainforest kidzworld.... thats the place where the kids will enjoy the wet play waterpark.

After cleaning and drying ourselves, Sophia couldn't wait to go for a ride on the carousel.  That the Wild Animal Carousel, guess which animal they chose....
Ryan chose the SHARK, fierce and strong whereas
Sophia for the MANATEE..alamak !!   that animal need to have a big butt in order to sit on it.
Our tour guide of the day, looking and guiding us throught the whole route.
Look what we saw, a LATEST SPECIES ???  A Chimpanzee out of the cage ??

No no... it seems like Dad; GOD !! He was standing right beside a Chimpanzee signage.  He said we are "Dong Dong" because did not use a short cut.
We headed to the EXIT of the zoo in which will pass by some animals like Giraffe and also Zebra, both are Vyan's favourite. Vyan captivated by the animals especially Zebra.
Dad drove us back but.... STOP  !!   
I quickly asked Dad to stop the car right outside the zoo compound and could not control myself from vomitting... YUCK !!..all out and the whole day I was down till night.  Could not even go anywhere, just rest and sleep.  My plans at night all GONE... so unwillingly I asked Chee Ching n kids to go out with Dad and Irene n family to Parkway Parade.  Mum was also down purging.

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