Thursday, December 31, 2009

Singapore - 27 December ( Day 1 )

Started our journey at about 10.30 am from Muar and reached Singapore about lunch time.  Raymond and family specially prepared us lunch...turkey, ham, Christmas fruit cake, etc etc.. Thanks Bro for that wonderful lunch !
    After that, we headed directly to Changi catch a fligh... to The Big Snow Fantasy !!!  Each kid is given 15 minutes to enjoy their fullest at the castle.  Will they enjoy themselves ... what do you think ?                           

From left to right -
   Rayner (4yo); Regina (2yo); Sophia (3yo); Ryan (5yo); Vyan (2yo)

Thats the excitement going in the Big Snow Fantasy....

Can you see the stripe shorts....that is Vyan and Ryan is just beside her.

Sophia "Oh Daddy, the ball is falling the other side, I have lost control of it"

Rayner "I'm supporting you ball...don't you worry !" Helen "No are too small for that, let your brother support it."

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