Monday, November 8, 2010

Kia Forte / Cerato - C segment car but price same as Vios !

Test drive a Forte a few weeks ago and got a good deal from them. As for me, Forte is a nice looking car; full of accessories which in the market only be seen on a higher class car alike Camry and Accord.


However, as I am used to Manual transmission, I feels that Forte is quite heavy and less power when using Automatic transmission…however with the Shiftronic transmission, it gives you the power when needed.

The stunningly handsome Kia Cerato/Forte has arrived in Malaysia since 25 November 2009 with a mission to leave other small-medium sedans in its dust. In Malaysia, Kia Forte is labelled as Naza Forte and three models are available, 1.6 EX, 1.6 SX and 2.0 SX.

Forte 1.6 EX with basic accessories priced at RM 75,800.00 OTR including insurance; however with an addition of RM 6,000, you are able to get the SX version that comes with equipments unheard of in cars below RM 100,000. For the SX version, the main attraction is the keyless entry system and also button start and smart key system. To get these accessories in a Toyota, we can only look at the Camry 2.4V.

The price is about the same with Toyota Vios and Honda City (B-segment), but Kia Forte is a C-segment contender, which is comparable with Honda Civic, Mitsubishi Lancer, Nissan Sylphy and Toyota Altis. With such a competitive pricing, I’m sure the cake shared among Vios and City will partially be given to Forte.

In terms of safety, the 1.6EX had dual airbags, active headrest and anti lock breaking. An upgrade to 1.6SX will have Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist System (BAS) and Traction Control System.

Additional 4 airbags (side & curtain) to bring the number to 6 for Forte 2.0 L SX
Naza Forte is actually completely build up (CBU) car from Korea however due to some “problems” on import duty and so forth, they are called the completely knock down car (CKD). Kia logo is still seen on the steering wheel however for the exterior emblem and also the wheel cap, Kia logo were rebadged with Naza. We can remove the Naza logo if we think it is not that classy compared with original Kia, those emblems are already selling in the market. If not mistaken, when you register the car, the information written inside is CBU Korea.

Reasonable maintenance fees
From the maintenance list, it seems that to maintain a Forte in good condition; it is not that expensive from the way people think of it. 

However, the impression of Korean made cars especially Hyundai and Kia for a middle aged man (above 38) in Malaysia is not that appealing. Comments from them would be, Korean made cars are petrol eater, no resale value and lastly parts are hard to find.

The younger generation is taking over the market….. What do you think !

Will Forte Leaves You Speechless ?

Drive the FORTE and you’ll know why the world can’t get enough of it…

• For those interested in purchasing a new Forte 1.6 SX, currently I have a good deal which some dealers are not able to give. I am able to give a RM 468.00 discount for that model.

Some photos of what Forte gives you....

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SiMon Har said...

u sell car Ronnie?

Kian Fai said...

if the key system become cacat, this car = useless.

and I do think that Naza if want to repair the key system will be dam costy!

CaDLyNN said...

wOw..bile boleh tuka kereta kecil warna merahku itu dgn kia forte ni..huhu

Eza Rashid said...

i've tested tat car..awesome!

Albert said...

Kudos to Naza for bringing in good cars with a very low, competitive price! Who cares about the badge?

mytrajet74 said...

I like the way its look...but dunno the performance yet coz never have a chance to test drive it...anyway nice review on the car...keep on review bro!

alvinontherocks said...

For the respected 1.6 and 2.0 prices, many will look into this car for the said C seg cat :)

nurfaiz shaidan said...

looks nice, but my dad don't really recommend Korean cars. yup, the same problem, hard to get parts, low resale value. it's still best to get a persona, compared to forte, more economical and easy to maintain :)

Wawa~* said...

woww... cantik lah... vry smart. looks spacious also... wish i can afford one. but i can only afford proton car at the moment... sob sob...

but nice review u have here :)

冠毅 said...

i'm looking for body kit n "K" logo,yr dealer can get cheaper price?

LeeZ said...

'...aiyaaaa belum beli sudah mau cerita pasal JUAL???'

- this was what the salesman told me when I said about the low resale value for Korean cars... LOL!!!

What the heck... I am getting one fact tonight I will be driving my new Forte ... hehehe

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