Monday, November 15, 2010

Pick and pluck your own tea leaves @ Boh Tea Plantation

Looking to pick and pluck your tea leaves at your own will.....head to Boh Tea Plantation @ Cameron Highland.

Indeed is it incomplete if you visit Cameron Highland without visiting any of the tea plantation.
An advise to you, if you really into great scenery, nice tea factory and having a nice cup of tea while enjoying the scenery, please DO NOT FOLLOW me by making such a big mistake.  Head no where except for the Boh Tea Plantation at Sg. Palas and not Boh Fairlie Tea Estate in Habu area.

Fairlie tea plantation is located about 8 km from the junction at Habu.  Even thought it is just 8 km away, the terrible yet horrible trip of single lane road; narrow with sharp corners, one wrong turn and you will be heading free fall into the tea plantation.  A small mistake will lead you to either heaven or hell.

There is a tea shop and a small cafe at Fairlie.  Of course the shops and environment here could not compared with those at Boh Tea Sungai Palas.  Gheez, this is the first ever mistake i made... however, at least me and Ryan managed to climb up a small hill with a distance of 174 m up to the view point.  Ryan plucked about 10 tea leaves for me to make my cuppa tea at home.  Gosh, boiling the leaves like that..wondering what the taste would be without undergoing any process.
Upon climbing down, we visited the small factory but sadly there is no tour guide to explain to us all about the tea process.

Tea process
Grading of tea leaves ??
Worker's quarters

Fairlie Tea Factory

Tea plantation

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Rascat said...

tea boh ? wow! one day ,i should visit there ~

Chuen said... and my friends went to the wrong one too! so we ended up at this place. climbing up the view point was killing but the scenery is nice :)

Hilda Milda™ said...

The sceneries are pretty (:

TikkoSS said...

uncle uncle.. where u stay ?? i might wanna go soon.. strawberry park? any goood suggestion?

Aries said...

Yes it is so true that if you visit Cameron Highland you ought to visit the Tea Plantation. I like the scenery there too but the road are very narrow. Don't mind going again, nice place to visit

CaDLyNN said...

cameron! last time pergi sana masa primary school...wah..mau pegi lagi lah~

Calvin Ong said...

it's an eye opener for me to see how the tea leaves are processed!
Thanks for sharing Ronnie! :))

goingkookies said...

Haha.. don't say until like that.

If you go to Sg Palas.. it's usually jam packed with cars and people.. and the road isn't any better... you probably get more stucked there than the Fairlie one.

And besides, if I am not mistaken, the Fairlie one, there's a hill you can climb up to and the view there is breathtaking in a way..

there's also a place that looks alittle like hobbits green hill.. did you see it?

Bite Bite said...

its been a long long time since my last visit to cameron...i bet there are a lot of changes, hmmm .....

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