Thursday, August 26, 2010

What happened to my goods in the container ?

Bad news.....bad news.
I received a bad news late last night.
It was from my BOSS informing me that one of his customer found that something is really not right with the goods.

I am prepared for the WORST ... but remained confident because I know that it shouldn't be a big problem as I have inspected every inch before exporting out.

And when I received the customer complaint email... the first thing that struck my mind was... don't tell me a tsunami hit my container at the ocean ? .... Arghh... don't think so ! If really hit.. I don't think just a few spoilt only !

Apparently, there are no holes or leakage inside the container before goods were loaded; moreover, we loaded on a dry shiny day... and what the hell, how come these goods are wet ? 

Anyway, I don't think it is our problem, but will try to solve them.... The problem lies with the mishandling of container by the shipyard ! Will contact the shipping agent for further investigaton and claims.

So this is me...Ronnie and my work ! 


chris federick said...

Kesian u hv to take the blame and go through so much hassle to find out what happened.

TOLANIC said...

Only one box damage? Did you pay for shipping insurance?

spawnskies said...

oh Ron! that's really bad! I hope the shipping company or the agent would pay for whatever damages they had made to your goods. Hope you'll solve them asap! that must have been a result of the shipping company's negligence. It always happens..tsk tsk tsk!

Ronnie said...

Thanks for commenting and visiting yet another of my post.... hope you like them and will visit my blog often.

spawnskies -- The buyer will directly claim it from the shipping agent, thus I think problem is solved. Thanks for your care.

Tolanic -- There are a few boxes wet and damaged. The shipping insurances is beared by the consignee. They will take care of those. Thanks for your concern.

chris federick -- What to do, this is my job ! Finding out what happened is quite difficult as the container is not with me now, but definitely there is no holes before loading. Thanks for your attention.

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