Friday, August 27, 2010

‘ "My Malaysia" Photography Contest’

I was born on this beautiful land, so called Malaysia… a land which is out of any freaking natural disaster, thus I am forced to love it……Malaysia.

I am also forced to love Malaysia because my parents are Malaysian, I am a Malaysian, my wife is a Malaysian and so are my kids….so what the hell… being a Malaysian not that bad “gua”.

We are out of the volcanic field, out of the tornado and earth quake. Aren’t we satisfied with all these? On our left, we have Indonesia and further on our right we have the Philippines to protect us from any strong winds and seismic activities. That is Malaysia, a gifted land from God. We are not worried that our families are trapped in any of these natural disasters here….coz we have NONE !

We have different colour of skin, belief, race and religion but we are so close like brothers as our heart pump together with the same beat. We’re all BANGSA MALAYSIA…

Different cultures, different foods… that is what we have here in Malaysia; Chinese with their wan tan mee, Indian with their capati and Malays with their nasi lemak.
Not only that, different states with its own speciality…. nasi dagang for the east coast, Satay Kajang and so on; which means, lots and lots of varieties ….. that is why, there is no other places can be compared to the wonderful Malaysian food.

Some hate Malaysia due to political reason. For me, don’t hate Malaysia… Malaysia have done nothing wrong with you, it is the government (political coalition) that governs it.

And finally, the main reason why I love Malaysia is because someone in Malaysia loves me ! That includes my family, my parents and my Malaysian friends and especially the Inniter @ Nuffnang.

Malaysia is not a great country….but Malaysia is my home.  

Anyway, just to inform you that is giving bloggers a chance to win 2 free GSC movie tickets (movie of your choice) just for blogging about the Photography Contest. To take part in this exclusive contest, visit Photography Contest

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Mindy said...

haha...malaysia nowadays change d....racism....discrimination....haiz...

TOLANIC said...

Yeah, proud to be Malaysian! =)

Jan said...

Aww! Not every country is perfect but I agree with you. SG is home for me. (Sadly I've lost all attachment to my birth country - Philippines having grown up here in SG since young.

Doris Lai said...

I'm as food blogger feel so proud with Malaysian's food. It's the best in whole world which I can say whereby we have variety of choices with different of taste. I feel proud when my friends and readers of other country love our Malaysian's food when they came to Malaysia.

PNG RAIN said...

nice one...hmmmm the undies caught my attention :))

Merrinette said...

i kinda agree with Mindy :(

Ronnie said...

Thanks for commenting and visiting yet another of my post.... hope you like them and will visit my blog often.

Merrinette, Mindy -- Malaysia have changed due to the people living in it. As I mentioned before, don't critize the country, critize those who governs it.

PNG RAIN -- Sorry, the undies not for you ! Hehe...

Doris Lai -- Agree with you ! Proud to be Malaysian showcasing the different varieties of food..and its YUMMY !

Jan -- Home is still the best no matter what.

Tolanic -- Yup... I am proud to be MALAYSIAN !

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