Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess Vyan !

December is the time for extra cake blowing !
Flipping back on my calender planner, it seems that I do have six close relatives falls on this birthday... starting from my little princess...Vyan !

Yes !  It's Vyan's Birthday.

Secret Recipe Golden Nugget
(Cake designed by my wife)

Again we ordered our usual cake stall, Secret Recipe.  Flipping and checking out the menu for what cake flavour that we have not tasted; we ended up with this Golden Nugget. 

The nuggets are actually very nice, but what I heard from the boss, it seems that this cake is not very saleable at their outlet.  His outlet can only managed to finish one whole cake in more than one week.

Love and Hate Relationship between
these two kids. 
One moment so loving (now)...
the next fighting (for who is eating the Hello Kitty Face)
Golden Nugget

Princess Vyan so happy that its her turn
to celebrate her birthday

Where is Papa !!

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laila said...

awwwww!!! so cute!!! ^^

~Snowman~ said...

so cute! loveee! =)

Anonymous said...

thanks by admin

real estate degrees said...

Oh my goodness..The baby just looks like an Angel..Thanks for sharing..Loved the photos..

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