Friday, October 8, 2010

See U Village Steamboat @ Aeon Bandaraya Melaka

Food review.....

This is what left on the table.....
          interesting right !

Looking for halal steamboat restaurant at Aeon Bandaraya Melaka.... visit See U Village Steamboat.

Have tried this restaurant twice, overall service and food is just so so... nothing to hoo ha about.

We reached this restaurant at about 6.00 pm on Saturday and there are a few tables been occupied already.  Early dinner like us maybe.

The menu is quite colourful and detail.  Since there are only 4 of us, we order steamboat set for two with some individual plates.

The homemade herbal drink is indeed tasteful however the cost is more than double comparing with the ones at The Two Restaurant; but it is worth the money considering you can even see the herbs beneath the drinks. 

The steamboat here is indeed very filling.... !!

The colourful menu - set dishes

Our first dish was served..... BARNEY !!
No.. no.... !  That's the reaction of the Barney's rightful owner...

Where is our food... !!! 

203  Dumpling Combo Set

Total Damage : RM 54.10

Desire reviews :

Food : 7 / 10
Price : 7 / 10

Damage : RM 54.10 ( 2 Adults, 2 kids )

Address :

G39 & G40,
AEON Bandaraya Melaka Shopping Centre,
No. 2, Jalan Lagenda, Taman I-Lagenda,
75400 Melaka.
Phone : 06-286 9954
Opening Hour : 
     according to shopping mall operation hours

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Nic Da Nic said...

errr.r...2adult..2 kids.....
haha..why it is called damage????

i wish to eat steamboat now

melmonica said...

Ohmygosh, finally get to see your daughter clearly!! Sorry Vyan for calling you a boy. You're too cute for words! Cheerios~

~J'@nn~ said...

BARNEY....and ur son totally look like you, 100%

mysimplylife said...

owh,thanks! Here your daughter & son again. Anyway they are so sweet & cute. i like your every share. I think you are the best father ever. keep it up!

Hilda Milda™ said...

yr daughter is so cute with her barney (:

Nana Eddy said...

waaah. food. i'm hungry now. but it's so late for food now :(

ErikaToh said...

Wow, you dined at See U Village Steamboat before! Great! I'll drop by to have steamboat once I'm back in Malacca. xD

Merrinette said...

wah ur daughter?
so cute! later i kidnap her XD

nebular said...

Thanks for the info.....will be in Melaka tomorrow n check it out.

eminey626 said...

ur daughter is so cute lar!!! xDD said...

why u quite often postng melaka de?
u staying melaka de arh? hehehe...

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