Friday, September 3, 2010

The Two Restaurant @ Jalan Sakeh

Food review.....

This is what left on the table.....
   interesting right !

Looking for newly opened steamboat restaurant in Muar town.... visit The Two Restaurant.

This restaurant is located outskirt of Muar town and just opened last month; if not mistaken 5 August.

We reached this restaurant at about 6.30 pm on Sunday and all the tables are already occupied.  Everyone wants to try something new... that's why !

The menu is quite colourful and nice for Muar standard.  Since there are quite a number of us, we did not order Steamboat Sets, but those individual plates.

We ordered quite a number of dishes, but the portion that came seems to be little, thus we made two more additional orders.

The herbal drink was tasteless and it cost RM 1.00 per cup.  The normal price of a herbal drink here in Muar is about RM 0.70 - RM 0.90, in which taste a lot better.

The steamboat here is just so-so only and not that filling compared to home prepared steamboat, where we need to unbuckle our belts... Burp.... !!

Individual plates - RM 3.30 per plate (except for the vegetable)
Our first order (seems to be not enough)
Our second order (stomach also not that full)

Desire reviews :
Total Damage : RM 80.70
Food : 5 / 10
Price : 5 / 10

Damage : RM 80.70 ( 6 Adults, 4 kids )

Address :

No. 5, Tingkat Bawah,
Jalan Sakeh, Taman Bintang
84000 Muar,
Phone : 017-2122 571

Opening Hour :  not sure

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Calvin Ong said...

WIW STEAMBOAT! 6 adults RM80 quite okay right? thanks for sharing! nanged and visited!

Jan said...

Yea its not bad from across the causeway point of view!

John said...

so expensive the food. so small plate.

Hilda Milda™ said...

yeahh so little things only de. btw. i had enuff of steamboat alrdy. feel like puking if i think of it :p

Zyash said...

u make me hungry back la ronnie...huhu...1 love steamboat tau... Always go downtown at KL buy nothing but just want to eat steamboat...huhu

Jz said...

Penang got 20 bucks / person buffet style haha, quite alot here

ken said...

looking yummy =)

Nana Eddy said...

the 'two' huh? cool. I think the price is highly reasonable. 6 adults and only 60+

Celeste xiao fang said...

It's quite expensive ler, paid rm20++ per person, can eat whatever you can at Penang Town Steamboat, visit my blog and have a look, hehe! =)

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