Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Convocation Day - Part II

Went for my cousin's convocation as mentioned in my previous post. It was on the 10 August (Tuesday), a weird day for me to attend a convo. Luckily the sun is not blazing hot and not a single drop of rain.
It was so long since stepping back into my ex-university (University Kebangsaan Malaysia). Yes ! Yes ! ....this is where I graduated. As usual the convocation was held at Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak (DECTAR), UKM, Bangi, Selangor.

Which one is Ronnie....
Don't search..... I am the photographer !

The graduation ceremony inside the hall is the same over the years....but the environment before and after the ceremony changed slightly. People are clicking non stop with their digital cameras.....during my time, we are still using film rolls, so any click mean money. It is something like those advertisements from NUFFNANG.... a click means money to us; but during my convo, a click means we need to pay; thats the difference.

Hurray....  I am a GRADUATE !!

So... more "CHEESE" been heard around. The happiness and joy of each graduates are so enjoyable to see.

This is their first step towards the world of unknown....the "Working Life".

An example of an unconcious person being thrown
(My cousin...... no feeling one)
Let's Fly Together !

Tossing the convocation hat !
(Someone is so afraid of losing his hat...holding it so tightly)


ken said...

congrats and welcome to the real world =)

CaDLyNN said...

wah...teringat my convo time..
sweet moment..n...then..welcome to the nightmare..hahaha

Calvin Ong said...

congrats to your cousin! i can't wait for my turn to graduate, still got a long way :'((

YEN XOXO said...

OMG I wonder who have so much strength to throw that person up into air!!!

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