Saturday, August 14, 2010

Can Doctors make MISTAKE ?

Even doctors make mistakes.... they are human too, but can they make mistakes in their profession ??

For me...definitely NO..NO and NO !

There are a lot of cases all around the world, some are serious mistakes by doctors, and some are minor.


I encountered one case in which happened to me.
The medication was actually 150 mg however the first doctor that treated me wrote 15 mg, thus after mixing the liquid medicine, I need to take only 0.6 ml per day whereas, actually I need to take 6 ml per day.

I confronted the nurse the next day and luckily, there was another doctor available that guided me the correct dosage.

From his calculation of the dosage written by the first doctor, everything is correct. I told the doctor that I usually take 6 ml and why suddenly 0.6 ml as this is a repeat dosage in which I have taken the previous month ??

The doctor opened my file and discover that the first doctor forgot to put the zero for 150 mg thus only 15 mg.

Mine might be a small case, but if someone's life is depending just on medicine and suddenly such a low dosage, something bad or even worst might happen.....

So... what do you think !

  ....taken from the net
When a doctor is careless and negligent in his profession and as a result causes injury to the patient, then it is considered as a medical malpractice.

Under these circumstances, a doctor can be sued by the patient. Plaintiffs, who go for medical malpractice lawsuits, should also be able to prove that the healthcare professional was negligent while providing care and breached the duty of care.

Doctors and Technology...



SiMon Har said...

lucky u notice!

fzikuz said...

wah,, it's scary when doc doing some mistake!

Calvin Ong said...

Some doctors are just irresponsible. Your blog entries are always a joy to read!

PNG RAIN said...

sad to see all those mistakes committing by some doctors..mistakes has no space specially to all medical practitioner,it can cause automatically serious problem like further complications or even death to our patient.

Everlyn said...

True true..
Coz patients juz believe everything the doc says !!
If doc lied or did some mistakes, oh no...
hehe =)
Nice post ^^

Hilda Milda™ said...

i wonder how doctor like this can graduate at the first place lol

~J'@nn~ said...

does the doctor have a license? haha!!

Jep said...

WTH! Good thing you've checked it. They should really be careful with their profession. Tsk.

BackyardPool said...

I have experienced sorta incident before.I asked for a paracetamol (for fever)pills but I was given the wrong medicine. Thanks God I always read the description for each of the medicines. :l

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