Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Unwanted Visitors - July

Just about 10 days ago, during the World Cup Quarter-Finals match (Spain versus Paraguay), I encountered a very shocking unwanted visitor.   It was 2.30 am in the morning of 3 July, where I woke up to watch the match between Spain and Paraguay.  I switched off my house alarm to avoid the PIR being detected.

As our Malaysian TV1 did not broadcast it live, I was forced to watch it through my internet.  The line was lagging, thus I fell asleep for about 20 minutes before my wife woke me up to call me go to bed to sleep which was about 2.50 am.  Then, my dogs and neighbour's dogs started to bark.  I went to look at my side window, but it was too dark outside..so I go to my parents' room to look outside, especially at the road juncton (to my right) as there is a street lamp there.

To my shocking, my house motion sport light was lighted up right in front of my garage.  Swiftly I look to my left and saw two guys (Indonesian/Malay) was walking at my car porch.  If not mistaken, they climbed in by my brick fence.  I shouted hysterically and my wife, childrens all woke.  Set my house alarm to ring, my three car alarms to sound, however SAD to say, NONE of my neighbours take the initiative to switch on more lights, some even off their lights.... which is a very very bad example of good neighbourhood.

And yesterday (July 12), at about 7.45 pm, another unwanted visitor came; and now right inside my hall.  This unwanted visitor just stay still when we came inside.....  without hesistation, I took my car lock and beat it to death......  no police report were made, the body were thrown inside the drain to cover up.    Shhh.... don't tell the police ya !

To view the body....click here (please don't pass to the police)
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