Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me - July 8

Happy birthday, Ronnie !  Hey, that's me.  Gheez, getting older each year. 

Tried a new type of cake flavour from Secret Recipe - the Pecan Butterscotch.

An ideal cake with no big secret, just a blend of delightful homemade goodness of butterscotch with caramelized pecan and generous white chocolate toppings.

Received cup cakes from William.... cute cup cakes from Cupcake Chic.

Celebrated my birthday at Classic Hotel, since it have been quite some time since we last ate at the Teppanyaki Steam Boat.  Usually we are the only one in the restaurant, but today, we got company; poor kid, he got scalded by the sprinkling oil from the teppanyaki.

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