Thursday, December 17, 2009

Year End ... Comes with Joy - 17 December

We can usually say year end comes with joy...but joy or not depends.

This 2009 year which so called GOLDEN BULL YEAR should be changed to a MAD COW YEAR / DEAD BULL YEAR (opps..not Mad Cow Disease ya !).

A lot of good things and bad things happened, however the BAD rules...


1. My sling-bag at Hong Kong ( Inside it got my Identification Card, Driving Licence, Money, Bank Cards (ATM/Credit Card), Camera)
2. My new Toshiba laptop (red colour) - Toshiba Satellite M300-P4329R (Serial No. #78312978W), portable hard disk, all my bank books, cheque books, Maxis Broadband USB Modem.  Car boot was lock-picked at Putra World Trade Centre car park (Hentian Putra - BEWARE when you park there).

1. My HP Color LaserJet 2550 Printer

1. Economic downturn - Recession


1. Trip to Hong Kong
2. My "Little King" getting an award

1. Less arguements
2. A more beautiful and matured WIFE !! hehe...


1. My DAD reduces/stop his SMOKING habit
2. My DAD reduces his GAMBLING habit ( 4D / Toto / Whatever ) .. a bit can lar because chances is 1 in a million
3. Happy Family - less arguement between family members

Where is that MAJESTIC GOLDEN BULL in which I took a picture at Elements, Hong Kong.
Hack care now... let's welcome the year of the Wood Tiger... opps again, not TIGER WOOD ok.. he is in TROUBLE now !

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