Thursday, December 3, 2009

Traffic Compound for Speeding 230 km/h - 3 December

Really disappointed when receiving a compound earlier just now.

Compound stated I was speeding while driving the CPS69 with the speed of 230 km/h.

Yeah..right !...Only 101 km/h only, just because the speed limit area there was 60 km/h.  DAMN IT ! 

I really HATE the POLICE (PDRM)...I don't mind getting compound for speeding 180 km/h at highway but not this tiny speed.  The traffic police should just set their speed trap near the school area, whereby the speed limit is only 30 km/h, and they will get hell of money from that.

Another reason is that the offence was dated 07 September and I only received this notice on 03 the HELL do I remember all those.  And if I have received it earlier, I might be careful on the same area for October and November, now... I wondering if I will received another of this DAMN SHIT on either January or February.  Thanks to the very EFFICIENT SYSTEM in the MALAYSIAN POLICE FORCE.

Anyway, SHIT to the XXXX ...!!!

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